Are Predictions For The Future Set In Stone? What You Need To Know!

Accurate divination, or also called the art of predictions for the future, is one of the most essential and sought-after aspects of psychic readings. For instance, a spirit guide may speak of broad generalities. Or a Tarot reading can reveal a season. Or a numerology reading can even disclose a number, relating to hours, days, months or years. And how psychics foretell the future depends on the modality, the willingness of Spirit about revealing information, and the connection between the reader and the querent.

The Deeper Meaning Of Predictions

Humans have always sought for the answers to their questions from time immemorial! That’s why predictions for the future typically go hand in hand with what psychic readers use to enhance their craft. One of the most popular questions people often ask is “What is a prediction?” When being aware of the basic meaning of this term, they can be unsure whether or not to see a prediction. That’s because something set in stone can be changed. According to most dictionaries, a prediction is defined as the act of foretelling, projecting or forecasting the future outcome. Its synonyms are as follow:

  • Divination
  • Projection
  • Augury
  • Forecast
  • Prognostication
  • Prophecy

Thus, what is a prediction made by psychics? Of course, the readers will discern past events as well as present influences which act upon and lead up to a current situation. Then, they will examine the trends reflected by this information and maybe any other information given by you – their client – so as to foretell possible future outcomes to the problem/situation if no changes are made. Further, they can also give suggestions on what changes could or should be made to improve the expected consequence.

Future Predictions Are Never Set In Stone

However, what if the predictions of future don’t even come true, or at least don’t go rightly like what the psychic foretold? Does that mean the reader was a con artist who just made false forecasts? Not necessarily. It is hard for an intuitive reader to be accurate about the future when anyone on Earth has free will. Free will is what allows each of us to alter the future by any decisions we make and any actions we take. Different people often make different decisions. So, it may change their future and your future. The future isn’t written in stone; it is dynamic instead. The reason why people tend to ask psychics for probable future is that they are able to make alternate decisions and change their consequences if necessary.

predictions future

In general, spiritualists may provide you with probable readings about your future. But, by becoming aware of the likely outcome, you can then act upon the course of events and then alter the timing or the outcome. You are able to, for instance, alter your behavior in response to the information you get, or simply perceive new choices where you saw none. Positively or negatively, intentionally or unintentionally, your actions may influence the course of events. That means free will can hold the trump card.

That’s why consulting a psychic will never tell exactly what will happen to you. Instead, it just offers an insight into how the situation did develop into the current state, what can or cannot occur if certain decisions or changes are made, or what is impacting it in which way, etc. Of course, the psychic will provide an insight. Yet, how to use the information is up to you. So, there is nothing better than using your own free will to decide how you want your future to turn out.

What if we did not have free will? Without the presence of free will, we are likely to be walking around, just like puppets on a string in which every moment of our lives seems to map out for us. This is very boring for sure! In addition, it can also hamper our ability to spread our eyes and experience all of the wonderful (and even not wonderful) things that life offers. Do you want to enjoy that life?

Anyone has choices. Remember that all aspects of our lives aren’t predetermined. Although psychics can make certain future predictions from the past, “free will” is what we should use to take charge of our futures. The decisions we make may affect the outcome of any given matter.



Author: Giovanni Bentley

Want to know what is happening in your future? So-called Psychics gifted with extraodinary abilities can help you get some future predictions for betterment!

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